Vagalume: Client for and compatible services

Vagalume is a client written using GTK+. It should work on any GNOME-based system, but it was originally designed work on Maemo, the platform used by some Nokia devices such as the 770, N800, N810 and N900

Vagalume on a PC Vagalume on a Nokia N900
Vagalume on a PC Vagalume on a Nokia N900

Vagalume is free software released under the GNU GPL. It has been developed and tested mainly on a desktop PC running Debian GNU/Linux and on the Nokia N800/N810/N900 but it has been confirmed to work in the Nokia 770 as well. Vagalume also works in MeeGo-based devices and there is experimental support for MS Windows.

Its main features are:

The latest version is Vagalume 0.8.6, released on 28 Oct 2013. Read the list of changes here.


Questions? See the Vagalume FAQ.

The Vagalume source code is hosted at Gitorious.

We also have a Vagalume Users group in

Vagalume is sponsored by Igalia and is being developed by a team led by Alberto Garcia with some contributions from people around the world. Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments that you have.

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